Take Control of Your Deliveries

Spatula is full of features that make your life easier, your team more productive and your clients happier


Always Know Where Your Team Are 

Track your team in realtime on a map using GPS from their smartphone.


Driver Location Playback

Had a dispute about where and when a driver went to a location? Open a map and view the driver’s exact locations at the period of time in dispute.


Flexible Job Structure

Some programs limit the shape of your jobs to just 1 Pickup and 1 Drop Off, or make you link different jobs together to match your business. Not Spatula! Spatula lets you create jobs that match your business whether they have 1 task  at a single location or 10 stops.


Live Manager Dashboard

Keep track of the status of every task and every driver in real time. Dispatch and reassign jobs, edit notes and locations. Always have the answers when customers call.


Automated On-Demand Dispatcher

Set your new orders to get dispatched automatically to whoever of your logged in and available team members is closest