Impress Your Customers

Not long ago you’d be forgiven for talking about smartphone-based driver dispatch with real time customer tracking as innovative, even disruptive. But today we live in an on-demand world and your customers expect more than ever. With Spatula, you get the tools you need to meet and exceed customer expectations at every touching point. 



Customised Price Calculation and Instant Quotes

Embed the Spatula job order form with your branding and your product details on your website to give your customers access to an instant quote. If they are happy, accept immediate payment using secure Stripe payments and instantly see the new order on your Spatula dashboard. You can even immediately dispatch the new order to the nearest available team member for on-demand responsiveness.



Live Tracking

"Your job is en route" is not a great delivery tracking experience. What time will it arrive? Will you let me know when it's on the way? Where's that driver?!? With Spatula, your customer receives notifications each time the status of their delivery changes. The notification contains a tracking link to see the driver's location live updating on a map with ETA so your customer knows exactly when your team will arrive.



Electronic Proof of Delivery

Your team can get a customer signature directly on their smartphone and add photos of deliveries that have been left on location, receipts or any other relevant proof of successful delivery. The customer tracking link becomes a proof of delivery, showing the date and time of each task completed on the job, customer signatures and photos.