Using our driver app, Spatula Go, your drivers are never more than a notification away. Track their progress on Spatula's live feed or add and delete tasks. From the seat of your chair, you have all eyes on the road. 


Organise delivery routes to make jobs work for you

Using Spatula Go, your drivers can arrange assigned tasks to fit the route they want to travel. Or, using Spatula's interactive map, you control the order jobs should be completed. 



proof-of-purchse for every delivery

Verify all customer transactions by using Spatula Go to saves photos and register e-signatures. Use Spatula to maintain a database of completed jobs and keep all parties accountable! 


Manage multiple vehicles per driver

Is your driver zipping around the city on a scooter one day, but trucking a load of merchandise the next? Spatula tracks each driver's current vehicle so you'll always have the right person for the job.